Stress not and live healthy!!!


I knew the system was tryna take me out from the beginning. Now i have an excuse as to why i always forget what i “studied” for exam!!!  soooo these science men again, great men they are has found a link with stress and the disease Alzheimer’s. They suggest that even brief periods of stress can cause a rapid rise in the brain protein that is linked to Alzheimer’s. Of course the study was done on mice (poor things) yeaaa so they put the creatures in different scenarios that would be stressful on them. The mice were confined and studied for a while with a special headset to extract brain fluids to test for the Alzheimer molecule ; amyloid beta peptide. Test on the brain fluids of mice who were under stress for just three days showed a 42% increase in the protein associated with Alzheimer’s !! :O STREEEESSSSSS

Scientist believe that stress encourages the brain to release amyloid beta peptide. This can be made as a suggestion to why most people suffering from Alzheimer’s has been in stressful situations such as losing a spouse or other loved one. So next time you have a situation people, try not to stress cause you would only be digging yourself into ALZHEIMER’s

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Electro-Healing *publish paper*


we are going to have super healing potential in the year 2020 🙂 So here how is gonna happen, scientists ( yes these guys again) are now venturing in use of a property cells possess which they are going to use to help heal wounds at an accelerated pace. It is known that a cell has no kinda of ear , eyes or mouth, but how is it that they know to go and repair a wound that is way down on your leg?? Cells work and communicate with an electric field that is created by the flow of ions across their membranes. So the way that cells who have to repair are able to sense where to be is because damages to cell membranes changes this field and is recognized.

In order to identify the reasoning of this occurrence scientist have experimented with fish skin cells. It was observed that when the cells were placed in an electric field (mimicing a wound) whole cells moved towards the positive electrode as if it were moving towards an injury. They also discovered that smaller fragments headed away from the scene of the field.

At the end of this study scientist now see that cells and fragments possess bundles of protein that allow them to move and they act as electromagnetic compasses which either repels them or attracts them to a charge!!! It is concluded that electric current at the sites of injury could improve the healing process.

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Video revieeeewww!! *finally done*

The video was basically an introduction to Amino Acids. The information learnt was nothing that I didn’t already know so in essence the word ‘learnt’ should really be replaced with something in similar meaning to ‘review’. But forthe hec of it , the video can be used as a really good review. First of all you must know the basic structure of an amino acid. Which is basically a central carbon attached to an amino group, a hydrogen, a carboxyl group and an r-group, r-groups can be variable and mae for different types of aminos.

These would include Nonpolar (no charge) aliphatic R-groups , Polar ,uncharged R-groups, Aromatic R-groups, Positively charged r-groups and the Negatively charged r-groups-
The video showed that amino acids are joined by peptide bonds (covalent) formed by the alpha amino group of one and alpha carboxyl group of another via a condensation reaction. Amino acids can be written in different ways /abbreviated that is by the 1st 3 letters of its name or by a single letter that may be difficult to remember so it is best to keep an A.A table around.
One thing though that I never came across was the involvement of OX-RED reactions in forming bonds in amino acids for e.g the disulphide bond formed between the two sulfur hydroxils groups in Cysteine. Cystine is formed from two cysteine molecules via an oxidation reaction by losing two hydrogen atoms along with 2 electrons.
Essential amino acids were also discussed and they are those that your body cannot make for itself but has to be taken in by your diet. A complete protein is one which has all 10 essential amino acids.
The video also revealed the Ninhydrin reaction test for amino acids, a positive test turns a colorless solution purple. The various functions of proteins were discussed along with the various types.

One can appreciate the time taen to do such a thorough video with all the giving diagrams and stuff to help you along the way!!

VIDEO review!! I did the Hokage JM

The youtube video discussed some important fundamentals of carbohydrates such as the formation of glycosidic bonds, structure and functions of certain di saccharides ,lactose intolerance, structure and function of types polysaccharides.
I learnt that there are different dissacharides, these are non reducing such as sucrose and then there are reducing , maltose. The aldehyde functional group allows the sugar to act as a reducing sugar while it is the absence of the aldehyde or keto group which gives a non-reducing sugar its properties. Many different types of sugars were looked at and fully describe in a very simple concise way. Starch was described as a polymer of alpha glucose and an energy store in plants. The components making up starch is amylose and amylopectin ( most common- making up to 80%).
Glycogen is the energy storage molecule of animals and fungi, glycogen has branched chains of alpha glucose condenses to form 1-4 and 1-6 glycosidic bonds. It is more branched than amylopectin and also insoluble.

Cellulose is a structural carbohydrate that forms the major component of the cell walls. It is composed of beta glucose chains, these beta chains cause an alternate molecular rotation at bonding sites to allow appropriate OH- groups to react forming straight chains. Hydrogen bonds are also involved in the bonds of cellulose, cellulose has immense tensile strength and stability as a carbohydrate. The video wines down with the description of appropriate carbohydrates tests such as the Tollen’s test.
Overall the video showed itself to be very informative, the use of diagrams and pointers must b commended. These elements helped the video to be followed easily and kept it interesting an important factor when it comes to teacher. Good job JM!!!

McQ :/

1) Which protein was first sequenced by Fred Saneger?

a) Insulin

b) histamine

c) serotonin

d) cysteine

e) glycine

2) An enzyme ‘s ability to increase the product yield for a reaction lies in :

  1. It  lower’s the activation energy of the reaction
  2. It offers a higher energy pathway for substrates
  3. They are specific to their substrate
  4. They bring substrate together in the correct orientation

a)      1 and 2

b)      2 , 3 and 4

c)       3 and 4

d)      1 and 4

e)      1, 3 and 4